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Research Award Citations/Lectures



2020: Professor ?zlem Tastan Bishop, Research Unit in Bioinformatics, Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology

2019: Professor Makaiko Chithambo, Department of Physics and Electronics

2018: Professor Brett Pletschke, Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology

2017: Professor Russell Kaschula, School of Languages and Literature
2016: Professor Heila Lotz-Sisitka, Environmental Learning Research Centre
2015: Professor Catriona Macleod, Department of Psychology
2014: Professor Charlie Shackleton, Department of Environmental Science
2013: Professor M. Hill, Department of Zoology and Entomology
2012: Professor D. Hughes, Institute for Water Research
2011: Professor P. Maylam, Department of History and Professor M. Villet, Department of Zoology & Entomology
2010: Professor A. Hodgson, Department of Zoology & Entomology
2009: Professor L.Wright, Institute for the Study of English in Africa and Professor W.Froneman, Department of Zoology & Entomology
2008: Professor P. Vale, Department of Political and International Studies


2019: Professor Justin Jonas, Department of Physics and Electronics


2019: Dr Gladman Thondhlana, Department of Environmental Science

2018: Professor Caroline Khene, Department of Information Systems

2017: Dr Sally Matthews, Department of Political and International Studies and Mr Ferdi Botha, Department of Economics and Economic History
2016: Professor Julie Coetzee, Department of Botany and Dr Dion Nkomo, School of Languages
2014: Professor Barry Irwin, Department of Computer Science
2013: Professor J. Snowball, Department of Economics and Economic History
2011: Dr S. Vice, Department of Philosophy
2010: Professor J. Limson, Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Biotechnology
2009: Professor R Simbao, Department of Fine Art


2020: Dr Sandra Rowaldt Shell, Cory Library

2019: Professor Sam Naidu, Department of Literary Studies in English

2017: Professor Gary Baines, Department of History
2015: Professor Anthea Garman, School of Journalism and Media Studies
2014: Professor Leonhard Praeg, Department of Political and International Studies
2013: Dr. P. Henderson, Department of Anthropology
2012: Professor C. Macleod, Department of Psychology
2011: Professor H. Wasserman, Department of Journalism & Media Studies 2010: Dr A. Krueger, Department of Drama
2009: Dr L. Praeg, Department of Political and International Studies
2008: Professor D. Wylie, Department of English

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