What is registration?

Registration is the process through which you officially become a student at Rhodes 老虎机游戏_pt老虎机-平台*官网. As a student, you must register each year, so that we have a record of your progress. Your administrative registration ensures that the 老虎机游戏_pt老虎机-平台*官网 has an up-to-date record of all your personal details, such as a home address, local Grahamstown address, medical aid, car registration, etc. We also take a photograph of you for your records, which appears on your student card. Curriculum Approval - as distinct from the administrative registration discussed above - is the process through which you choose your subjects for the year (this is subject to various constraints). It takes place on a Friday, at the end of orientation week, after you have had a chance to find out about the various courses which are on offer (see the Daily Programme for details).

Last Modified: Fri, 04 Feb 2022 10:28:09 SAST